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Uriel Carrillo

Project Manager


Since Uriel was a young child, he knew he wanted to be an architect. He always loved drawing and would sit down in front of the TV drawing cartoon characters or watching Bob Ross and paint happy trees with him. Uriel associated drawing with architecture. When his mom would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he always had the same answer. An architect. Uriel is living his dream!


He has over seven years of experience with construction administration, project management and quality control. He works closely with the principal architect and support staff to ensure projects meet owners’ long-term goals. His vast field experience with facility needs analysis, new construction, and remodels gives him the ability to understand complex projects. Uriel and Mayra have three children, Daniela, Ariam, and Moises. He enjoys making things by hand and made Halloween costumes for his children.

Uri is a bilingual linguist, so he can explain solutions in both English and Spanish.


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