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Branson "Bo" Evans

Project Director


Branson has always been drawn to how architecture is the perfect balance of creativity and practicality. He enjoys seeing the impact the firm’s projects bring to communities. As project director, Branson oversees all aspects of the architectural design team for leadership and project accountability. A critical thinker who brings solutions to problems, Branson has over eighteen years of experience in the mechanical and architectural industry. He works closely with the principal architect and support staff to ensure projects meet the owners’ long-term goals.


One of Branson’s most challenging projects was an enclosed conditioned summer camp cabin in the shape of a teepee. The angles of designing a structure like that when he was new to his career was enough to make him question his sanity! Branson is married to his wife, Leslie, and they have three children, Hazel, Leah, and Adam and a Collie named Ryland.

Branson’s superpower would be to have a photographic memory, so he could fully absorb and retain the vast amount of knowledge available to us.


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