Raina Abbott

Project Manager 


Raina is our technology guru knowing everything from computer-aided design to Revit. Her one piece of career advice for anyone entering the architectural industry is learning every technical skill you can and being proficient in various software applications. She has learned technology is a great tool when you know all the benefits of using it. In her role at Level 5 Architecture, Raina directs the project throughout its various phases with timely communication to the client and project team. Raina also has experience with building code implementation and estimating.


Raina is married to her husband, Chad, and they have two children, Ruby and Phoenix. They enjoy playing outside with their dogs, Rio, Atlas, and Apollo. On the weekends, Raina enjoys eating take out, drinking wine, and sleeping.

She traveled to southern Alaska with her dad and a few friends and stayed with a local naturalist family. They lived in yurts on their property, and all decisions they made were based around their view of maintaining nature and the environment. It was one of the most beautiful places she’s ever been.


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