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Melissa Dysart

Marketing Manager 


Being a farm raised kid, Melissa knows what hard work is all about. With a desire to push herself and meet impossible deadlines, she enjoys the most challenging projects. She cares deeply about the projects she helps produce. Melissa can step back from a situation, and analyze it from many perspectives, allowing a clear picture of solutions.


In dual roles as project coordinator and marketing manager, Melissa is artistic, a team player, problem solver, time manager, client relationship developer, multi-tasker, and drafting/graphic software user. She coordinates project tasks through projects’ pre-design, design, documentation and construction administration phases. Melissa provides advanced architectural and design support to the project manager from inception to completion. Additionally, in her marketing role she oversees the procurement process and RFQ submissions. And from social media to community development, she assists the direction of the firm and their vested interest in community whether in the Ozark mountains or Dallas-Ft. Worth metro.


Melissa and husband, Charles, live on her family’s farm homestead where hay is still cut and baled and the dilapidated but historic log cabin barn was restored into an artist's studio.

Her first job was ironically in the Last Frontier and snow-packed city of Anchorage, Alaska working as a CAD technician for Mike Mense Architects.


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