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Stephanie Colwell

Project Manager


Stephanie is a designer and registered architect who searches for ways to influence others through the spaces they occupy every day. With involvement in projects from concept to opening, she assists in every step along the way. As project manager dedicated to Level 5 - she is immersed in an environment where longevity continually contributes to her knowledge. A firm where she can be involved in the design process as well as the construction process - a place where she creates great spaces for great clients.

And why did she choose architecture? 

“I met an architect for the first time in the 4th grade when my parents were designing the dream home that they never built. He still drafted by hand back then and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I started telling people by the time I was 12 that I was going to be an architect and took every class, and opportunity towards it I could.”


Stephanie and husband, Philip have three daughters, Evaline, Emersyn and Ellington.

Stephanie collected nutcrackers until she got married – her husband thinks they are creepy, so she reduced her collection and only pulls them out at Christmastime now.


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