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Justin Gilmore



Justin shares his story about his love for architecture. He started by building Legos like crazy when he was a kid. His parents would get so mad about purchasing a $100 set of Legos that he would have completed within 2 hours. In high school, he took all of the wood shop and drafting classes to really learn more about the profession which led him to initially pursue Civil Engineering. His first year of college, Justin worked as a blueprint tech (yes, they still ran blue lines at that time) at a Civil Engineering firm and realized the work they were doing in that office was not for him. Justin switched majors to be more of a hands-on application, which lead him to Architecture.


Justin founded Level 5 Architecture in March 2011 and serves as the President and Project Manager bringing years of experience designing and implementing numerous community facilities. He has experience in procurement and funding assistance for clients. Justin enjoys collaborating and communicating with owners, engineers, and contractors to deliver a successful project. Justin invests in his community by volunteering in many organizations and initiatives. Justin is married to Allison and they have two children, Carter and Caroline, and two pets, Ollie (Bernedoodle) and Goose (Goldendoodle).

Justin is currently training to get his Private Pilot License.


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